What is Eco Villa

Eco Villa is an elegant yet cost effective way to build houses. We have a wide range of choices for you to pick from our creative and adaptable product catalog comprising of houses, studios, villas, granny flats, etc.

1 %
less environmental impact
1 %
1 %
more durable
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more climate proof

Features of Eco Villa

Eco Villa uses some of our flagship products like Tophats, MegaAnchors and Unitank

Mega Anchor

An Aussie innovation that provides a strong footing using a triangular pipe system that is rust and termite proof

Top hat

Top hat is used in the eco villa roof, walls and flooring support system. This reduces time and material for the structure.


A 2000 lt tank available as a kit with lid setup. You can combine tanks at an elevation to use as gravity fed water storage

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